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[movies]The Tao of Vlogging
Michael Verdi ( posted a classic video "The Yang of Vlogging", where he demonstrates dramatically why most of us vlog. Inspired by his video is my not so classic version according to Richard.
Keywords: video blog; vlog; humor
Downloads: 213
[movies]Freelance Blues, Episode 3 - Jonny Goldstein
one man's quest to get paid, episode 3
Keywords: jonny goldstein; freelance blues;; new york humor; vlog
Downloads: 758
[movies]Awesome-Robo Podcast : Episode 1 12/28/2011
The first podcast from the team over at Three of our editors introduce themselves and talk about the year in review, highlights, our favorite games, movies including Dark Knight, Tintin, Prometheus and others as well as all kinds of other subjects and blog happenings. Its a chill podcast about everything we loved (and hated) this year.
Keywords: gaming; humor; entertainment; videoblogging
Downloads: 5
[movies]Episode 5: "You're Sexually Unadventurous"
James tries to spice things up in the ol' boudoir with the help of Madame Lisette, "famed" sex therapist and upstairs neighbor.
Keywords: sex; dildo humor; therapy
Downloads: 98
[movies]Episode 10 - Alejandro
They say the best thing you can do when you have a problem is to face it head on. This week, Spivack and Milson decide to have a sit down with Congressman Reindey (voiced by comedian Sandy Danto) to discuss his accusations against the DOS. When someone calls you out, the last thing you should do is run and hide. You need to stand up and look them right in the face and sort things out. In my time, I've found this is true except when your problem is a train...
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 3
[movies]Episode 5 - "Almost" THE GREATEST EPISODE EVER
Ok, let's make one thing clear...The only thing Brian knows more about than obscure 80s movies are quotes from obscure movies and comparable to that is his knowledge of propulsion technology....more or less. You're welcome Earth.
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 3
[movies]Episode 1 - Wolverines
Just another day at the DOS...or is it? The team's normal routine is broken up by a startling discovery by Dr. Milson...But first they need to sort out exactly what their agency actually does.
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 6
[movies]Episode 6 - Is this thing on?
You're not a government agency unless you have a press conference and you're not a Department of Space employee unless you do something regrettable that could endanger the whole world as well as topple the federal government....oh and make at least Buck Rogers reference.
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 7
[movies]Gordo's Journey
This is what happens to Gordo once you break the block keeping him at bay in Vegetable Valley stage 2I've been wanting to do this gag for a long time now.Music from Land Before Time
Keywords: kirbys; adventure; gordo; journey; space; humor
Downloads: 4
[movies]All These People - Part 2
Darryl is immensely stoked at the turn out for Skitfest '11 - All the skit your face can take! All the humor your head can handle! The only issue is - the turn out isn't for Skitfest. It's for Fernwood's 16th annual Fernfest: THE party to be at in Fernwood, and the BEST urban block-party in BC.
Keywords: comedy; fernfest; fernwood; humor; parody; crying
Downloads: 3
[movies]Episode 9 - That's Debateable
It's election time in Astro-Cons and with the final debate for President happening, finger pointing is not far behind. Politics, am I right? Just once I'd like to see someone be like "Ok, it was me. I'm incompetent. And you know what? You're going to vote for me anyway!" I seriously think there's a good chance that person would still get elected. Look what happened with that kid from American Idol...
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 2
[movies]Episode 7 - Day with the Damned (Part 1)
It's no secret that the children are our future. Hell, Sexual Chocolate sang a song about it and look at every movie that's about the future...chock full of children. Realizing this, the Department of Space decides to spare some time from their busy day, and educate Cobie's nephew Ethan on all the things the government does for know, in theory.
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 3
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 4- Azumanga Daioh
Ever wonder how a show with no story or plot can still be entertaining?
Keywords: comedy; anime; azumanga; daioh; review; humor
Downloads: 3
[movies]Episode 3 - Little Orphan Garret
The time has come to find out exactly what catastrophic event is going to doom the Earth. We learn a little about the metric system, that Dell Latitude laptops can predict the end of the world, and some insight into Milson's childhood.
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 3
[movies]Episode 11 - Barry Bostwick!
In the epic season finale of Astro-Cons, Spivack dives headfirst into the kiddie pool of government corruption; a world of intrigue, sexy things, and mysterious hats. Are you on the edge of your seat yet? What if we told you there were dragons in this episode? Damn, did that make you really want to watch it? Well there are no dragons. Let's just put that out there right now. I'd rather be honest with you and lose the dragon-lover demographic then create a horde of people angry at Astro-Cons for ...
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 7
[movies]Season 1 - Episode 5: "The Offer"
On the season finale of the Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant, Pam approaches Eric with a counter-offer.
Keywords: comedy; webseries; comedy; sex; adult humor
Downloads: 15
[movies]Episode 8 - Day with the Damned (Part 2)
Researching for a school report, Cobie's nephew Ethan gets to spend some time with Director Spivack which, we're pretty sure, is going to be completely sane and not at all xenophobic. Xenophobia is the one where you're afraid of bees rights?
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 4
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 9- Excel Saga
Prepare yourself! This one's gonna get wild!
Keywords: comedy; anime; excel; saga; review; humor
Downloads: 5
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 10- Sailor Moon
Get ready for an adventure (and controversy) of galactic proportions!
Keywords: comedy; anime; sailor; moon; humor; review. tv
Downloads: 26
[movies]The American Anime Otaku Opening Theme
Here it is. the opening theme for Season 4 of The American Anime Otaku!
Keywords: comedy; opening; theme; anime; review; humor; comedy
Downloads: 6
[movies]Episode 41: Firefox vs. Opera Browser Shootout Brandon fights for Firefox while D.Lee Beard fights for Opera. Which is the better browser? Brandon and D.Lee compare features to help you decide. Be sure to watch the credits ;-). (32min 42sec)
Keywords: mac; windows; computer; firefox; opera; humor
Downloads: 5
[movies]The Game Chasers Episode 2 Scheming Weasel
Road trip time! The show heads south to San Antonio, but will a pit stop in Austin yield any exciting discoveries? Meanwhile Shady Jay learns that the road to game chasing can be quite rocky....... Opening intro song "Frets of Fury" by Chris Kline:
Keywords: video gaming; humor; games; nintendo; nes
Downloads: 11
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 8- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
This is probably what would happen if the universe really did revolve around a single person.
Keywords: comedy; anime; haruhi; suzumiya; review; humor
Downloads: 8
[movies]Season 1 - Episode 3: "The Date"
In the third episode of the season, Eric makes an embarrassing faux-pas while out on a date with Pam.
Keywords: comedy; webseries; comedy; sex; adult humor
Downloads: 18
[movies]Awesome-Robo Podcast: Episode 4 1/22/2012
In this episode of the Awesome-Robo podcast we are joined by one of our longtime editors, Chris as we discuss SOPA, George Lucas, Paula Deen & Butter, Turkish oil wrestling, Snowpocalypse, rum, FDR: American Badass, Resident Evil 6, blog stuff and more! Watch Chris down a half bottle of Captain Morgan in his fit of cabin fever over the course of this episode.
Keywords: videogames; humor; movies; tv; pop culture; news
Downloads: 11
[movies]Episode 2 - Michael Bay! BOOM!
First step: Figure out what the Department of Space's responsibilities are. Second step: Chat about Gary Busey. Third Step: I don't know...lunch maybe?
Keywords: comedy; cartoon; humor; animation; workplace; government; comedy
Downloads: 3
[movies]The American Anime Otaku Episode 71- A Certain Magical Index
A story that crosses Magic and Science?! This should prove to be an interesting anime. Right? Right?!
Keywords: comedy; anime; review; index; humor; comedy; tv
Downloads: 17
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 51- Digimon
The other mon.
Keywords: comedy; digimon; anime; tv; review; humor; comedy
Downloads: 10
[movies]Animated Anarchy - The Magic Voyage
The Artist finds an animated classic on VHS called The Magic Voyage about the tale of Christopher Columbus and his plight into madness after he is visited by talking insects and animals.
Keywords: animated; anarchy; humor; cartoons; movie; magic; voyage
Downloads: 83
[movies]Animated Anarchy - Bubsy
The Artist begins his venture into the pit of animated madness with his first video. What could possibly go wrong?
Keywords: humor; bubsy; video; games; animation; cartoons
Downloads: 41
[movies]Season 1 - Episode 4: "The Reveal"
Pam makes a difficult decision and reveals a new side of herself on this episode of the Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant.
Keywords: comedy; webseries; comedy; sex; adult humor
Downloads: 20
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 19- Paranoia Agent
This is part one of my two part Halloween special. Enjoy. Fixed version.
Keywords: comedy; paranoia; agent; anime; review; humor; comedy
Downloads: 18
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 52- Clannad
What could possibly be one of the greatest anime dramas of all time!
Keywords: comedy; clannad; tv; anime; humor; review
Downloads: 19
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 23- Kanon
This anime is full of mysterious memories just waiting to be unlocked!
Keywords: comedy; kanon; anime; tv; review; humor; comedy
Downloads: 16
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 11- Love Hina
Although it is a bit late, here is my review of an anime classic known as Love Hina!
Keywords: comedy; love; hina; anime; review; humor; review
Downloads: 52
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 56- My Bride is a Mermaid
The Little Mermaid meets The Godfather. Nuff' said.
Keywords: comedy; anime; mermaid; tv; humor; review
Downloads: 49
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 12- Fullmetal Alchemist
After a short hiatus, it is finally here! This is my Fullmetal Alchemist review!Be sure to pick up Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on May 25th!
Keywords: comedy; fullmetal; alchemist; anime; review; humor; comedy
Downloads: 62
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 41- Chobits
You will believe a machine can love.
Keywords: comedy; chobits; anime; tv; review; comedy; humor
Downloads: 31
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 14- Karin
Meet Karin, a vampire with a rather unique ability.
Keywords: comedy; karin; anime; review; humor; chibi; vampire
Downloads: 18
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 13- Eiken
I have never seen such a vile, disgusting, and degrading show like this in my entire life!
Keywords: comedy; eiken; anime; review; humor; comedy
Downloads: 82
[movies]The American Anime Otaku Episode 73- A Certain Scientific Railgun
The electrifying spinoff of A Certain Magical Index. Can this anime fair any better? Can this chick kill you with a penny?
Keywords: comedy; anime; review; railgun; humor comedy; tv
Downloads: 23
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 45- Ah My Goddess!: The Movie
Join The American Anime Otaku in his 2 year anniversary by taking a look back at his first review, in movie form of course!
Keywords: comedy; anime; goddess; movie; review; humor; comedy
Downloads: 44
[movies]Season 1 - Episode 2: "The Choice"
In this episode of the Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant, Eric makes a bold choice.
Keywords: comedy; webseries; comedy; sex; adult humor
Downloads: 16
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 6- Kaleido Star
Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! Sort of.
Keywords: comedy; kaleido; star; anime; review; humor
Downloads: 87
[movies]Stuck on Stupid: "Dating Your Customer"
At "Business Beware's School of Radical Thought" Robert opens up Jim Feldman's "Dating Your Customer" video for discussion and gives his rendition of "dating your CustoMonster."Needless to say that Mr. Feldman got our Stuck on Stupid segment for the week. Learn more about the show at
Keywords: customer service; humor; entertainment; tv show; business humor; dealing with customers; education; business advice
Downloads: 14
[movies]The American Anime Otaku Episode 74- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Meet Sailor Moon's deeper, darker, and psychotic younger sister.
Keywords: comedy; madoka; magica; anime; tv; humor; review; comedy
Downloads: 13
[movies]Dear Robert: Advice On Hiring Employees
Viewers sent in questions on hiring additional employees for their business and how to deal with customers without causing a scene. Robert and Ashley answer their questions that were sent in and give their two cents as well. Learn more about the show at and of course BusinessBeware.Biz
Keywords: customer service; business advice; business humor; business; bad customer; entrepreneurs
Downloads: 1
[movies]Last Time on Break a Leg - Episode 5
Catch up on the latest developments on the smash Internet sitcom Break a Leg.
Keywords: comedy; break; leg; comedy; sitcom; humor; office; scrubs; arrested; development
Downloads: 1
[movies]American Anime Otaku Episode 55- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
My review of this anime was originally made exclusively for conventions. But since I am working on a new review for this year's conventions, I decided to post this one up. Enjoy.
Keywords: comedy; gurren; lagann; tv; anime; review; comedy; humor
Downloads: 6
[movies]Low Passing Plane Debunk
Captain Disillusion teaches a little of his craft.
Keywords: plane; kc-135; stunt; fake; debunking; effect; humor
Downloads: 5
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